MABC Youth Ministry

What We’re About

The youth ministry at MABC is designed to help the youth of our church and the community connect with God and each other with the goal of making faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. We do this through regular meetings throughout the year, small group involvement, intentional life on life mentoring, service projects, and a variety of fun activities. Check out our calendar to see what we have going on, we’d love to spend some time with you!

Purpose of MABC Youth Ministries

Our Youth Ministry supports the mission of MABC by guiding the youth to become disciples who make disciples. This will be done recognizing the life stage 12-18 year olds are in.  


   Redemption:  All that we do will aim to bring youth into an understanding of God’s redemptive work. This particularly occurs through guiding the development of youths’ identity to be rooted in the Gospel truth of being adopted children of God.

   Revelation:  The revelation of God (as experienced in creation, God’s word, & the Holy Spirit’s urgings) comprise the bulk of the “content” which is taught in various youth meetings. Any “truth-telling” will stand the test of Scripture.

   Relationships:  We seek to foster healthy relationships within the leadership as well as the youth who participate in the fellowship at MABC. The various opportunities which bring the youth together will seek to deepen relationships with God, with others in the church, and others outside of the church.  

   Repentance:  The youth ministry will serve to invite youth into repentance as a means to be in a right relationship with God. This ought to lead to acting less selfishly, and more lovingly with one another.

   Renewal:  We pursue personal, communal, and spiritual renewal in the sense that we are all invited into a new-life and community based on forgiveness and hope.  This may be seen in the youth ministry in the relationship between youth and God as well as relationships with one another.

Discipleship Goals for MABC Youth Ministries

  1. Deep & Authentic Relationships:  Students will develop relationships which lead to “significant mentoring bonds that will last for several years.” These relationships are not solely based on spiritual growth, but integrate the pursuit of faith with the whole of life.
  2. Knowledge of Scripture:  Students will know and love God’s word.
  3. Clarity of Gifting:  Students will develop greater clarity around their personal gifts and future vocation.
  4. Willingness to Follow God:  Students will foster a willingness to listen to God’s voice and follow His will as expressed in the Holy Scriptures.
  5. Spirit Fruit:  Students will demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit.
  6. Love & Service to Others:  Students will show a genuine love and actively serve others.

Values of MABC Youth Ministries

Beyond the values of MABC we seek to be the following:


  • Gentle, humble, patient, bearing with one another in love, and eager for unity in Christ
  • Open and honest with one another
  • Teachable
  • Accountable
  • Invitational and welcoming
  • Servants of our community

What we do

Our overall goal in the youth ministry is to help young people develop relationships which lead them towards being a more faithful disciple of Jesus. There are a variety of opportunities for the teens to be involved here including our regular Sunday evening meetings throughout the school year, small group discipleship, special activities, Sunday School, and more. Our hope is that every activity we do has the potential to work towards that main goal.

We meet most Sundays throughout the school year (our calendar can be found here) for the teens to have some fun, study God’s word, and be together regularly.  

Typically the first Sunday in a month is devoted to an activity for the purpose of fellowship. They’re often not at MABC and the time can fluctuate according to the activity.  Some activities include a coffee house held at MABC, laser tag, ice cream trip, bonfire at a home, game night, evening at OnFire Youth Center, etc.  

Twice a month, we meet for intentional small group study. Our small groups involve several components:  intimacy, intentional use of Scripture, prayer, age & maturity appropriateness (jr./sr. high split), real-life engagement.  

Finally, once a month we have a leader or outside speaker share a short devotional, we have a youth worship band, and a time of fellowship.  

Throughout the year there are a variety of bigger activities that we do as well including a fall retreat, the Planet Wisdom conference, Creation Festival, canoe trips, and more.

Youth Ministry Forms

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