Life Groups at MABC

At MABC, we believe it is important that our members meet together regularly in a smaller, more intimate setting for Bible study and fellowship, spurring each other on to growth and good works in our walks with Christ. If you're interested in joining a Life Group at MABC, please fill out the form below. You can select what days of the week will suit you and your family. Life Groups will meet weekly or bi-weekly for at least 2 years before restructuring. They will always be open to new members, but will divide into smaller groups if they reach a size that allows for two groups to function.

Our Life Group leaders will use lessons based on the pastor’s current sermon series, a Bible study curriculum, or Bible studies they believe are essential for their group. Life Group leaders will be accountable to their overseeing elder, but we are all accountable to each other and ultimately to the Lord Jesus Christ to do the work of discipleship that draws us closer to Him, and draws others to Him!